We knew it was coming. The American Numismatic Association issued a press release saying that they are being sued by former Executive Director Larry Shepherd.

“There is no merit to any of the allegations contained in the lawsuit, and it will be vigorously defended,” read the press release. “he ANA will make no further comment with regard to this pending litigation.”

This saga started on August 23, 2011 when the ANA announced that Shepherd was placed on administrative leave. After a month of speculation on why the ANA took this action, it was announced on September 28, 2011 that the ANA had “ended its employment arrangement with Larry Shepherd, as executive director, effective as of September 20, 2011. the vote of the Board to sever that relationship was unanimous.

Obviously, Shepherd did not take it well and issued a statement about his firing when the ANA responded but should not have. All has been quiet until a the Shepherd filed suit for wrongful termination.

This will make two dismissed executive directors who have sued the ANA. Even if the ANA wins their argument, the ANA loses because of the costs to defend itself. Just as the ANA was getting its financial footing back together, here is a potentially large, unexpected expense that has to be dealt with.

If the “third time’s a charm,” then the ANA has done well by hiring Jeff Shevlin. After meeting Jeff, I believe he really has the best interest of the ANA at heart and will do a great job.

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