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A coin that has a date, mintmark, or other feature that has been altered, added, or removed in an attempt to make the coins appear more valuable than it is.

altered surfaces
Cleaning, tooling, or other changes to the surface of a coin to make it look better but reduces its value.

cartwheel effect
A term used to describe how the light reflects off the surface of a genuine coin that has not been altered.

A term used to describe a coin that has been altered to enhance its appearance.

A counterfeit or altered coin

original surface
Term used to describe a coin that has never been altered. It is the original surface of the coin as it was when it was released from the mint.

Numismatically, it is a later printing of currency using the same printing plates as the original. Reprints are made for presentation or collection and altered in some way to distinguish it from the original printing.

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