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A United States coin worth 10-cents or one-tenth of a dollar

The original spelling of dime based on the French work for one-tenth. Please note that the "s" is silent and pronounced as if it was spelled without its presence.

Once the lowest denomination of British coinage, it was worth one-quarter of a penny. Term referring the design consists of a bundle of rods banded (wrapped) around an ax with a protruding blade on a Mercury Dime.

A bound bundle of rids with a projecting ax blade that appears on the back of the Winged Liberty "Mercury" Dimes struck from 1916 through 1945.

Full Bands
A term that describes Mercury (Liberty Head) Dimes that have fully defined bands on the fasces. Abbreviated as FB.

half dime
A silver coin with a five-cents face value minted in the United States from 1794-1873.

half disme
A silver coin with a five-cents face value minted in the United States in 1792. See also half dime.

An image that appears to be three-dimensional when examined under light. Holograms are used as a security device on currency and credit cards. Some mints print hologram designs on non-circulating legal tender coins.

No Arrows
Term applied to coins without arrows by their dates during years when other coins had arrows by the date. (i.e. 1853 Arrows and No Arrows half dimes.)

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