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A count of the known specimens of a particular numismatic item. Third party grading services maintain a census of the coins they grade.

condition census
When introduced by Dr. William H. Sheldon, it was meant to denote the finest specimen and average condition of the five finest known coins. Today, it is used to denote that census of a coin within a particular grade.

enhanced uncirculated
A type of specimen strike by the U.S. Mint that requires special treating of the dies in order to add highlights and other textured elements to the coin being struck.

Term used to describe a numismatic item determined by the number of surviving specimens.

semi-key date
A coin that is scarcer than the average specimen but easier to find than a key date coin. See also key date.

A coin with very slight traces of wear that it almost passes for an uncirculated specimen.

A coin or banknote prepared with special care as an example of a given issue.

specimen finish
An uncirculated coin specially struck for the collector market that shows a proof-like surface. See also prooflike.

specimen strike
See also specimen.

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