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Refers to a British coin 38 millimeters in diameter that was originally struck as a commemorative of the monarch. Prior to decimalization, it had a value of five shillings and were struck as circulating coins even though few circulated. After decimalization, crowns were given the value of 25 pence. In 1990, it was changed to have a value of £5. Modern crown coins are struck for commemorative purposes and not intended for circulation. Many do not have a denomination except for the word "CROWN."

In a time before decimalization, a British coin worth two shillings.

A British 20-shilling gold coin made from gold imported from Africa.

half crown
An obsolete British coin equivalent to two shillings and sixpence (2½ shillings), or one-eighth of a pound. Great Britain stopped issuing the half crown in 1967 and demonetized in 1970 ahead of decimalization.

Prior to decimalization in Great Britain, a shilling was one- twentieth of a pound. There were twelve pennies in one shilling.

A British coin that is worth one-half of a shilling.

A gold coin of the United Kingdom, with a nominal value of 20 shillings or one pound sterling. Modern sovereigns are used as a bullion coin.

A pre-decimalisation British coin that is worth one-quarter of a shilling.

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