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The process of heating the blanks and letting them cool slowly to soften them for striking.

A flat disk of metal destined to be made into a coin. See also planchet.

blanking die
A die used to cut coining blanks from pieces of prepared metal. See also planchet.

blanking press
The press that uses blanking dies to punch blanks from prepared metal See also planchet.

Bowtie Clip Error
A type of error coin that was punched on a scrap of metal punched from the webbing created when blanks are punched from the metal sheets. The scrap was punched from the web-like sheets and the resulting scrap resembles a bowtie. The scrap is mixed with the other planchets and is punched with the working dies.

coin blank
Another term for planchet.

hammered coins
Coins that were manufactured by hammering the dies to impress the image into the coin blanks. This practice ended following the invention of the coin mill.

Horse Blankets
Nickname for the large-size currency notes that were issued prior to 1929. Large-size currency measures 7 3/8-inches long by 3 1/8-inches wide. Modern, small-size currency measures 6 1/8-inches long by ​2 5/8-inches wide.

A piece of die steel showing the coinage devices in relief, or raised, as they are on a coin. The hub is pressed into the blank die, resulting in an incused, mirror image on the die. The die is then pressed into a planchet, or coin blank, on a coining press, to produce a coin. See also error.

off center
A coin struck on a blank that was not properly centered over the anvil, or lower, die.

A flat disk of metal destined to be made into a coin. See also blank.

planchet flaw
An irregular hole in a coin blank sometimes the result of a lamination that has broken away. See also lamination.

planchet striations
Fine, incuse lines found on some Proof coins potentially caused by polishing of the blanks prior to striking.

The flattened sheet of metal from which blank planchets are punched.

A coin or medal struck on one side intentially or otherwise. The other side is blank.

The left over metal after the blanks are punched out of a sheet.

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