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broad strike
A coin that is struck in a way that expands beyond the boundaries of the collar. A broadstrike can give the coin a flat or elongated look.

burnishing lines
Lines on the surface of a coin as a result from burnishing. This is typically seen on open-collar Proofs and almost never observed on close-collar Proofs.

closed collar
A device that surrounds the lower die that holds the coin in place. Collars can be reeded, smooth, or have other designs that will be impressed into the edge of the coin.

Part of the press that holds the coin in place while it is struck.

encased coin
Coins that are encased in a collar, usually made from aluminum, where the collar is used for advertisement or commemoration.

open collar
A device used to position a planchet over the lower die. It was employed specifically for striking early U.S. coins whose edges had already been stamped with reeding or lettering.

Partial Collar Strike
A type of striking error where a planchet does not enter completely into coining position and is struck partly within the collar and partly outside. See also collar.

stock edge
A counterfeit edge collar used for creating fake coins.

watery look
Term for the wavy finish seen on the surfaces of most closed-collar Proof coins.

wire edge
Any coin with a thin, sharp rim that is caused when metal flows between a die and a collar during striking. Also, slang for the Wire Edge Indian Head eagle of 1907.

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