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The effect caused by the natural luster silver coins when tilted back and forth, beams of light seem to shine from the center of the coin. It is also a slang term for a silver dollar.

cartwheel effect
A term used to describe how the light reflects off the surface of a genuine coin that has not been altered.

flow lines
Visible lines on a coin that was the result from the metal flowing outward from the center of a planchet as it is struck. See also cartwheel.

Metal stress lines
Radial lines, sometimes visible, caused by metal flowing outward from the center of the planchet during the minting process. See also flow lines or cartwheel.

satin luster
Fine, silky finish seen mostly on copper and nickel business strike coins. Almost no "cartwheel" effect is seen on coins with satin luster.

An artificial process whereby the surface of a coin is buffed to give it the appearance of having natural cartwheel luster.

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