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A type of paper currency issued by a legal bank, whether by a government’s central bank or private bank with the permission of a government, that is payable to the bearer. It is intended to circulate in trade as legal tender in trade.

Broken Banknotes
Synonym for Obsolete Banknotes.

A method of printing where ink is applied to engraved plates and then pressed into the paper. Printing in this manner gives the paper a texture from the raised ink. Intaglio printing is used on banknotes printed on paper.

The study and collection of banknotes or legally authorized paper money.

Obsolete Banknotes
Banknotes issued by banks under permission of the Department of the Treasury that were supposed to be backed by the assets of the issuing bank. The National Bank Act of 1863 made these banknotes obsolete.

polymer banknotes
The term used to describe the plastic-like paper developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia to print banknotes.

A coin or banknote prepared with special care as an example of a given issue.

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