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The flat area of a coin’s surface that does not contain a part of the design or inscriptions.

The wording on a coin. See also legend.

large notes
Descriptive term for United States currency issued before 1929. These notes were 7 1/2 inches long and 3 1/8 inches wide.

lettered edge
An incused or raised inscription on the edge of a coin. See also edge letter.

Collecting of military-related items such as awards, medals, and payment scrip.

A certificate representing money issued to be used in exchange for goods and services. Scrip is usually backed by money used in exchange. In some cases, scrip is an interest-bearing item that promises the redeemer a specified return on the investment.

The study and collection of stock and bond certificates

small notes
Descriptive term for United States currency issued starting in 1929. These notes are 6⅛ inches long and 2⅝ inches wide.

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